Products ship in no more than 5 business days unless otherwise noted on our site. Often products will ship same day or next day.

Currently we use 100% recycled padded paper mailers, plant based tape, and cardboard boxes for shipping. No plastic.

If something is damaged in the shipping process, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right.


We will happily accept returns of unused product. We do not accept returns of used products.

We do offer samples of the shampoo bars, and smaller versions of the conditioner and toothpowder so you can try the product before buying larger versions. We also list all the ingredients for each product.


We are a locally owned and family run business, we have two part time employees, one baby, and two dogs. Our passion is making it easier for people to avoid creating plastic waste. We firmly believe that together we can create a Zero Waste World.



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