*You will recieve a free dish for every three shampoo and/or conditioner bars you order. Do not add the dish to your cart, and no Promo Code necessary. 

Make your long lasting, zero waste shampoo bars last even longer with this cedar soap dish. This soap dish extends the life of your shampoo or conditioner bar by keeping it out of standing water.

Made locally in Oregon from cedar mill scraps, this dish looks beautiful and smells great! The natural oils in the wood make it naturally water resistant, perfect for holding your shampoo or coditioner bar. 

The soap dish measures 3" x 4" x 3/8" thick. Free with orders of three or more bars!

NOTE: We do sell lightly damaged soap dishes and "Ugly Dishes." Typically it means the end of one of the slats has broken off. It will still hold a shampoo or conditioner bar.

Cedar Soap Dish

Soap Dish
  • Cedar

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