What People Say

I absolutely love these products. Their commitment to zero-waste enticed me to try the shampoo and conditioner bars and deodorant, the quality of the products has me hooked. My hair has never looked so healthy or smelled so good. It's been difficult to find an all natural deodorant that does not irritate or discolor my underarms until Silver Falls.

— Nicole

My reason was to try to do my part and reduce my plastic use. Bonus: When I switched to the shampoo bar instead of using shampoo from a bottle (chemicals) my hair that has always been thin is now thicker! I love the lotion bar, I no longer apply several layers of lotion throughout the day. This lotion lasts. my eczema seems to be less intense, I think with time it will vanish!! I love my tooth powder. I am in my mid 40's and my teeth actually look/feel cleaner and whiter than ever. I can't wait to show my hygienist. I will continue to purchase from Silver Falls Sustainability Co.

— Julia

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